Easy Essay Writing Tips for Students, Who Develop Their Skills

Easy essay writing skill can be developed as a result of a long essay writing experience. Each next essay paper completed is usually better than the previous one, if you take into account the professor`s comments. However, there are students, who successfully improve their writing skills faster by learning about modern techniques and principles of qualitative essay papers writing.

The first thing one should know about writing of an easy essay, is that such a paper should not be primitive. The person should be well-prepared for an easy paper completion. For you to create a proper image of an easy essay here are the features of good assignment completed with not much effort spent:

  • It Should Be Efficient.

    Everybody knows how to write an essay easily, without paying attention to main requirements. However, this will not work. If you do care about your grades, your main goal needs to be “to learn how to do easy papers, which others struggle with for long”. Your essay is to be informative and include a deep analysis and investigation of an issue.

  • It Should Interest Its Reader.

    It is important not only to know a lot of information about what you write about, but also know how to put your thoughts into the paper to complete an interesting essay. There are a few ways to make your readers interested in what you write.

How to Make Your Academic Paper Interesting?

  1. Start with a Hook

    A hook is the very first sentence or sentences of a well-done paper. It is included to catch attention of a reader, and create a certain intrigue about what the essay will tell him about further. However, the hook needs to be appropriate and of the same style as your text. As a hook you can use:

    • An Interesting Story

      People like stories, especially from the real life. Telling a story in the very beginning will set a tone of an easy reading. It will also contribute to stating of a problem as an actual one and illustrate its presence in everyday life.

    • Statistical Data

      There are a lot of statistical data, which impress and makes people think deeper about a certain issue. Your task is to find the information of “shocking” type in numbers, percent etc., which is somehow connected with problem you will talk about. It should not be your personal findings.

    • A Question

      Question is a good choice for easy essay writing. It is short and performs a function of a hook perfectly. You should think well over the question, which will have a correct influence. It will be good to ask a question regarding the problem everyone faces. The format of such a question is up to you: you can start with

      • alternative question;
      • rhetoric question;
      • special questions (when, what, where etc.) and so on.

    You can feel free to create a hook, which combines a few methods. For example, you can ask a question, and then tell the answer with statistical information etc.

  2. Select a Good Topic

    The topic of your essay writing should be interesting for you and for your hypothetical audience/readers. If you like the subject you want to write about, this is the key for an easy essay completion. You will most likely never feel stuck and your writing will be vivid and extraordinary. If you have got a certain topic from your professor – try to learn more on it and find the aspects, which are interesting for you. If not, pay attention for the following points to select a good theme:

    • Make Sure You Can Say Something New on the Selected Topic

      No one likes reading same things over and over again. Select only the topic, where you can include your personal opinion, the issue, where you can suggest a new way of solution and so on. Topic needs to give you an opportunity for fresh information.

    • Check Whether the Issue Is Actual

      Some issues can be either actual, or lose their actuality depending on the time, social, economic, political conditions. Thus, you should make sure that the problem you have chosen is not old-fashioned and resolved a long time ago. You should better talk about the issues that have happened not long ago and have influence on wide number of common people.

    • It Should Have a Good Structure

      To make your essay easy to read, it should have a clear and logical structure. There are a few ways to structure your easy essay paper writing:


    Follow the most primitive 5 paragraphs structure: 1 paragraph for introduction, 3 body paragraphs and 1 for conclusion. The primitive construction of paper should not be primitive in sense though.


    Find your own way to structure an essay. You can select one of the criteria and write a paragraph for each certain feature/solution/aspect your topic deals with. Remember not to combine a few main ideas into one paragraph. This type of structure will most likely better express the idea of your academic paper.

    Learn How to Write an Easy Essay for High School, College or University

    If you do not have years to learn from your own experience, you can improve your skills in another way. It is up to you: whether to learn from different guidelines online or benefit from an online professional tutor. Here is the comparison of these ways of learning:

    You need to search for useful sources online and make sure that the website you are reading offers a working advice You do not need to search for various sources as all you need is to ask an expert about the certain issue you are interested in
    You get the general information on academic paper writing You get assisted with your particular assignment and a professional writer offers the best ways of an easy essay completion
    The information offered on websites or printed is out-of-dated The advice you receive from an expert online is modern and follows the up-to-date requirements to academic essay writing
    You do not always have proper examples techniques` usage All the tips given by your online tutor will be well-illustrated with examples based on your assignment

All in all, as you can see, hiring a professional writer for help with essay will be a good idea. This experience will help you to know how to write an easy essay.

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