Tips to Become a Successful Vipkid Teacher

Early childhood teaching not only requires  the professional experience but also the passion for interacting with kids. Children are good with noting down everything you say in their brains. They tend to remember everything you say to them.

Knowing how to get the attention of a child is a skill not everyone can possess. Many people quit before completing the entire course. Vipkid teaches Chinese students to speak English through their teacher’s online portal . If you are a new teacher yearning to get additional pay online with Vipkid, here are the tips on how to be a successful teacher.


teacherPrepare yourself before the first lesson

Remember you do not know any of the students. It is your first time. Knowing the kids fully ,from their names to their behavior, will start from your first day as a teacher. The first approach to the students will determine if you can teach the students or not.

You are going to face difficulties since not all students have the same character. Some are bad influences while others are the polite and keen listeners. The introduction to the class will pose a difference to the entire learning course. How you interact with the kids is what will trigger your success as a Vipkid teacher.


Be Friendly

Children need a soft voice. It does not matter whether you are a bass or soprano. Try to use a lower key when talking to the kids and use the easy-to-understand language to lead them in the right way. Talk to them as if you already know them. You will find everything very natural, and you will not need an introduction from an old teacher. You can spin the wheel as fast as you can after grabbing the attention of the kids in the first lesson.

All you need to keep in mind is how they behave in class. If their behavior is right, your focus should be on passing the intended information. Drive your points home as soon as possible. Children will quickly understand your teaching when they are in a happy and relaxed mood.


Engage the Parents in your day-to-day Lessons

The character of the child should not flip when they arrive home. Their parents should be the tertiary teacher in that they emphasize the children’s education. Parents and guardians should make sure the kid has progressed in learning English. From speaking to writing on paper.

When the involvement of the parent bares fruits then engaging the child in a Vipkid  trial class will be simple. You will gradually see the participation of the child in class and encounter a fundamental improvement. Be true to yourself. Value the education of the kids rather than the pay you get from the company.


Let Stories be Part of your Explanation

For a kid to succeed in a Vipkid trial class, he needs the proper understanding of the topic. English might not be hard for you as it is for Chinese students. Your teaching aims to cut down the boundary by helping Chinese students understand English fluently. Success as a teacher requires maximum effort and determination.

Best Preschool

Tips for Choosing the Best Preschool for Your Child

Choosing the best preschool for your child is an important decision to make. It is what will determine the future academic capability of your child. This is why you need to be very keen when it comes to choosing the best one. Make sure that you properly use the internet to get all the necessary information before you make any choice. This article explores some of the important considerations that you should make any time that you are looking for a preschool for your child.

The Distance

childYou definitely do not want a preschool that will compel you to walk miles before you get there. That will not only be inconvenient to you but also to your child. Young ones do not like walking/ driving long distances before they get to the school. This will make them tired and this means that they are likely to sleep while in the class and that is will interfere with their academic capabilities.

Teacher Student Ratio

Another important thing that you need to consider is the number of teachers in relation to students that a school has. At the young age, the young ones are very delicate as far as academic matters are concerned. This means that they need to be handled gently and their problems solved individually. This can only be possible if the school has enough teachers. So before you decide that you are taking your child to a particular preschool, make sure that there are enough teachers who will take care of your child.

The Reputation

What is the reputation of the school? While some people may tend to think that name of the school does not matter, the truth is that it does matter a lot. So always ensure that you take your child to a school that has a good reputation. The best way to know if a school has an excellent reputation or not is by talking to family members who might be having a better experience. Also, reading the online reviews will make it possible for you to make an informed decision. Nursery Crouch End is known for its good reputation. Check them out to learn more.

The Cost

Education is expensive, and you need to bear this in mind anytime that you are looking for a good school for your child. Remember that a good school should have enough teachers and facilities to be able to instill the knowledge that your child needs. All these are things that require you to have money and you, therefore, need to avoid cheap schools.

learning driving

Benefits of learning how to drive when young

It’s always beneficial learning to drive while young, reason being it makes your life easy in most of the life instances. Leading driving schools that offer professional services have also taken their services to the online world with a storm. Learning how to drive brings with it a lot of benefits. Below are some of the main reasons why you should learn to drive at a young age.

Saves time

Getting anywhere when not driving can be sometimes time-consuming. In most instances, youdriving have to beg for a lift preferably from friends or hit the road on feet when no alternatives are available. Knowing how to drive and having a vehicle will help a lot in saving your time.


Moving objects from one place to another is one hell of a task. Owning a vehicle, on the other hand, makes it easy to move objects and this makes you a more utile person.


You don’t easily depend on people for a ride, and it becomes easy to get anywhere you want without being reliant. You also won’t face disturbance from people when driving from place to place.


Being able to drive can sometimes be of great importance to help you secure an employment opportunity. Its satisfying knowing that you can be sent out to do things on your own as long you can drive responsibly. Most people have earned a living out of being chauffeurs, public transport drivers, and delivery drivers.


Learning how to drive is convenient because it saves time, money and most of all, the stress acquired by not being able to transport a piece of equipment from a place to another. Having a mode of transportation readily available for you is very handy. Driving at your leisure  feels better and also saves energy


Learning how to drive nowadays is somehow a mark of maturity and independence. One can simply go anywhere they feel like without bounds that might act as limiting factors.

Social status

Learning how to drive and having your own vehicle makes you feel more useful to the society by helping people and lending your vehicle. One usually gains respect when doing all these.

Doing lifts

People might decide to go for an event but fail to acquire means of transport. Chipping in and a lifthelping them by providing lifts makes them very happy and in return raise your status, recognition, and rapport. You also might be a designated driver, paid or unpaid, after people have enjoyed themselves fully with drinks or after an awesome occasion. Being a designated driver in such a case can prevent a lot of possible accidents and fatalities that might occur after drunk driving.


How Employers Can Maintain the Best Employees

Over the years as you hire many employees, you will realize that it’s more than just hiring them. There is enough advice over the Internet and different articles about how to hire and where to go, but I think not enough has been said about how to keep employees. That is very key because the hiring process is just the beginning; you also want to keep these employees for years to come. So, what do you do?

Pay attention to the Individual employee

employeeThe first thing you need to do is to understand and recognize that each employee is different. We’re talking about an individual human being and many times managers look at employees as a group of developers, testers and customer support. But you need to look at each one of them individually.

This is because they are all different. Take your employees to coffee or lunch and spare some time to know them individually. Try to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Take at least an hour every week and take someone else to lunch or a cup of coffee and have a simple discussion with them.

Determine their long-term career goal

Secondly, you need to identify with each one of them. Understand the goal the goal that they want to achieve and work with them daily and weekly on achieving these goals. For example, if one wants to become a manager of the customer support group, you need to understand that and help them in achieving this.

Happy employees mean a win-win situation. I know it sounds a little naive to even think about happy people in our day and age where it’s all about revenue. At the end of the day, we all want to be happy, regardless. Also from a business standpoint, a happy employee will do a better job. If your employees are not happy, they will not stay.

Give feedback

It is essential for everyone to know how well or bad they’re doing so they can improve. Employers don’t give enough feedback to their employees and expect them to understand things automatically by hopefully reading between the lines. People need to be heard very clearly and told things clearly. We always got feedback from our parents or teachers and we still need to get feedback to help us improve our career. At the end of the day, everyone wants to become better than what they are.


These are quick tips on how to make and employees happy and keep them engaged and hopefully stay with you in the long run.

Panel Interview

Frequently Asked Questions During a Job Interview

In any process whether sales or in product reviews, there are certain standard questions that a person is likely to ask. The purpose of these questions is to get more information about the There is a set of frequently asked questions during a job interview. These questions are meant to evaluate the mental alertness of a person and it is essential that somebody relaxes and answers them most sensibly. The following are some of the frequently asked questions during a job interview.

What can say about yourself?

job interviewYou should say something about yourself and avoid talking about things that are not relevant. Since you have already sent your curriculum vitae, discuss only the key points of your personality, ambition, work ethics and a few others. You should be able to market yourself at this stage.

What are your strength and weaknesses?

Avoid listing adjectives like diligent or hard-working. Talk about attributes and cite scenarios that fully back up your claim. For example, an exceptional organizer will quote projects and assignments that they successfully executed.

Nobody should ever admit that they have weaknesses. Rather, you should focus on segments of your workplace that you feel need significant improvement. Focus on weakness and quickly offer a solution.

Are you the right person for us to hire?

Always remember that people who made it to the interview met the minimum requirements regarding experience and academic qualifications. Zoom on other qualities and skills that you feel will be important. Demonstrate clearly to the interviewer why you are better than the preceding candidate.

Four years from now, where do you see yourself?

This is the perfect chance to cast the net wide and talk about your long-term goals and aspirations. Clearly explain your career ladder and what the organization will do to make you achieve them. Your hunger for growth should clearly be seen.

Why do you want work here and not our competitors?

You should say nice things about the company. Never bad mouth your current employer. Your potential employer will feel that you will do the same things when you look for another job elsewhere.

What are your expectations of the salary and other benefits?

interviewAlways talk about the range you are expecting. It should never be narrowed down to a specific figure. Secondly, quantify all the benefits you are expecting. Always ask around for people in the industry you are getting into. This will give you are a rough idea of the paychecks in that in industry.

Any question for us?

Never fail to ask a question. Your choice of questions should be focused on the work you are coming to do and any other issue that you feel was not exhaustively dealt with during the questions and answer session.