How Employers Can Maintain the Best Employees

Over the years as you hire many employees, you will realize that it’s more than just hiring them. There is enough advice over the Internet and different articles about how to hire and where to go, but I think not enough has been said about how to keep employees. That is very key because the hiring process is just the beginning; you also want to keep these employees for years to come. So, what do you do?

Pay attention to the Individual employee

employeeThe first thing you need to do is to understand and recognize that each employee is different. We’re talking about an individual human being and many times managers look at employees as a group of developers, testers and customer support. But you need to look at each one of them individually.

This is because they are all different. Take your employees to coffee or lunch and spare some time to know them individually. Try to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Take at least an hour every week and take someone else to lunch or a cup of coffee and have a simple discussion with them.

Determine their long-term career goal

Secondly, you need to identify with each one of them. Understand the goal the goal that they want to achieve and work with them daily and weekly on achieving these goals. For example, if one wants to become a manager of the customer support group, you need to understand that and help them in achieving this.

Happy employees mean a win-win situation. I know it sounds a little naive to even think about happy people in our day and age where it’s all about revenue. At the end of the day, we all want to be happy, regardless. Also from a business standpoint, a happy employee will do a better job. If your employees are not happy, they will not stay.

Give feedback

It is essential for everyone to know how well or bad they’re doing so they can improve. Employers don’t give enough feedback to their employees and expect them to understand things automatically by hopefully reading between the lines. People need to be heard very clearly and told things clearly. We always got feedback from our parents or teachers and we still need to get feedback to help us improve our career. At the end of the day, everyone wants to become better than what they are.


These are quick tips on how to make and employees happy and keep them engaged and hopefully stay with you in the long run.